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Arise was not written as a quick fix method to perfect relationships.  It was not written by or for clinical experts. This study was written from real life experiences through a life time of turmoil and pain. This deep dive will equip you to break old cycles and replace them with what you need to create the life you have always dreamed of, FOR REAL.


After 20 years of what is better known as fiery trials in life, the principles & fruit that were produced during a healing season that actually set free and into an incredible journey of success are what led to the principles inside this journey. 

Nothing is guaranteed in life, but one thing is for sure;

YOU are the only one that can help and set YOU free!


Class starts Wednesday July 15th, 2020

Time: 7pm (CST)

Where: Zoom Video Conference

Your link and workbook will be emailed to you upon registration. 

Arise To Freedom Online Class

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