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Investing in YOU is the greatest return on your investment.

Often we hear women say, "I feel selfish investing in me when my family needs so much." 

Life comes and it brings great times and it also brings hard times. Some of it is out of your 

control and some is a result of your choices.

But how do you know the difference?


God intended your life to be healthy, free and overflowing. Yet you live fractured, frustrated, anxious and unfulfilled. 

If living broken & in sharp pieces is what you are offering to yourself then to your loved ones, wouldn't you want to live in freedom & in overflow?

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Arise Retreat has been created for women who are in need of an environment of peace and soul restoration, who want to reclaim their voice. Women who perhaps are holding it together on the outside but inside are trapped in a prison of shame, fear, expectation and loneliness.

  • Have you been affected by adultery?

  • Are you involved in a relationship with someone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol or pornography? 

  • Someone who is verbally, emotionally or physically abusive? Are you at the end of your rope wondering when and how will things change?

  • Do you dread the day to day grind?

  • Are you stuck in a season & frustrated because it's not changing?

  • Do you ask yourself how will you ever find peace and happiness?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, if you want to exchange control for love, chaos for peace, anxiety for joy and frustration for freedom, then Arise Retreat is for you. 

Everyone of us in some way has been a woman in need of freedom. With you in mind, we've prayerfully crafted a three day, totally submerged experience for you to encounter God fully and for yourself.

We will walk with you through a journey of uncovering hidden truths and get to & replace root causes in your life and relationships.


Behind the curtain of this experience is you and a group of women relaxing in your favorite pajamas, yoga pants, oversized shirts & ponytails. And if you want, leave your makeup at home. This time away is about YOU being in the upmost state of comfort and relaxation to receive everything God has for you. 

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  • Prophetic worship & encounter

  • How to hear the voice of The Father session.

  • Four sessions with Founder Carla Shellis: .

    • Identifying dysfunctional family systems and emotional strongholds & the effect they have on your life.

    • How to reset; the art of creating your new normal.

    • Exposing Codependent cycles. 

    • Reclaiming your authentic voice and true identity.

    • Exposing the real enemy, shame. 

    • Forgiveness; take control back in your life.

    • Establishing safe & effective boundaries.

    • 7 Steps to unlock your mind & achieving everything you have ever dreamed of.   

  • Group inner healing session with trained professional who works exclusively in spiritual inner healing.

    • Safe environment that helps you hear God's heart to bring healing to memories; perspective to misconceptions; peace in the middle of the meantime and revelation of unhealthy patterns and obstacles.  

    • Conducted by a trained facilitator and accompanied by an intercessor in a peaceful setting.  

    • It is not counseling nor is it coaching.  A freedom session is a personal encounter with the Lord in order for you, through a series of Spirit led, facilitator directed questions. 

  • Each attendee will receive an individual one on one counseling session.

  • Individual prophetic & prayer raindrop massage with essential oils.

  • Group Prophetic session. A team of ministers will encourage & have a direct & prophetic word for each attendee.

  • Campfire, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Conversations.

  • Founder Carla wants to love on you as she has on her family & created a menu of her families favorite meals. 

  • Surprise gifts throughout the day

  • Each attendee will receive a specially designed gift basket of their dreams. 

  • Written curriculum workbook.

  • Free time to rest & process, read or journal, workout, enjoy the hot tub- or whatever you need to refresh.

  • Group teaching and sharing sessions.

  • Luxurious accommodations. (see photos above)

Travel to retreat is not included in this package.
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The Private VIP Experience

This healing retreat has been created for women who are in need of a private environment of peace and soul restoration, who want to reclaim their voice & their lives. Women who perhaps feel they must hold it together for everyone on the outside but inside are trapped in a prison of shame, fear, expectation, loneliness and broken hearted.

You will be whisked away to an exotic island where you will enjoy the upmost privacy and luxury. Each guest will be hosted in a private luxury suite or shared with a roommate. (price adjustment) 

This getaway will be available to 10 guests to ensure optimum attention. 

While this retreat will be located on a luxurious beach, the location are subject to change

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