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Do you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of life? Do you find you neglect yourself, your personal needs and dreams?


Do you feel you have no one to talk to? Afraid your success or identity will be compromised?


Have you decided its time to stop the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and stress? 


This  package will offer you 3 days of life transforming healing, inspiring and restorative personalized VIP care. 


It's time to take care of you! When you are whole and healed, everything and everyone around you will look and feel very different. Don't wait for "them" to change, it's time for you to set yourself free!


  • 3 days of intensive coaching with Carla Shellis and her inner healing team.
  • Live in person interactive visual demonstrations communicating the impact of freedom avaliable to you.  
  • 3 -2 hour one-on-one sessions with inner healing specialist.
  • Option to invite friends and family to join in the sessions for all or part of sessions. 
  • 6 private one-on-one sessions after intensive 3 days for continuing support. 
  • Learn the vital techniques to drastically change your life.
  • Learn the best of a meditation & prayer.
  • Enjoy deep intensive therapy,
  • Trauma informed care.
  • We ensure comfy, relaxed and supported environment that effects the wholeness of healing and transformation. 
  • Find YOU! The Real YOU!


If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got. The time is now! 


This personalized individual retreat is completely geared toward your potential and unique path of spiritual self-realization and freedom. 


Accommodations and transporation to and from location ARE included in this price with a 21 day advance notice. (some exclusions apply)


If you would like to contract Carla and her team sooner than the date of 21 days, addtional fees will be required for travel and accommodations. Please contact for additional details.  




Destination Intensive Package

$9,995.00 Regular Price
$8,495.75Sale Price
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