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Reignite Your Inner Flame: My Journey from Exhaustion to Empowerment

Have you ever found yourself in a space where you just feel like just giving up? Well, maybe I am being a little dramatic, or am I? 

What I mean is this: Have you ever come to a point where you secretly feel like nothing is working and you’re just exhausted? 

Fatigued by the pile of "can-do" resources, the endless social media comparison struggle, or feeling inadequate and just not enough? 

It was 2012 and I had come completely to the end of myself. I was lost inside my own battles of the mind. I actually got to the point where I found myself out of reasons to blame my husband for my deep pit of a dwelling place. And boy, oh boy, was that a new place to be! You see, I had spent so many years blaming him for all the ways and reasons I was so unhappy. To be fair, he did contribute to some of that. However, I had no idea how much responsibility I had in my own misery or the journey I was about to go on. 

One day I was in the shower feeling numb and only wanting to sleep. I was checked out of my reality. I can remember standing there as the warm flow of water cascaded over my head down my eyes and over my shoulders. The water felt like a warm blanket covering all of me. Fifteen minutes had gone by and I was still just standing there. My eyes were closed, my music was blaring and all of a sudden I had clarity like I hadn't before.

Almost like rewatching an old movie, I saw myself. And then I had a deep thought well up in my gut, 

What if this water flowing over my head changed to freezing cold water, what would I do? 

I wondered if my normal answer would be the wrong answer. I thought a bit sheepishly, "ummm, well I would dart out of the cold water and try to turn the hot water back on." I mean wouldn’t anyone else do that too? I went on to wonder, "Well what if it didn’t come back on? What would I do then?" Not knowing much about plumbing, I just assumed I would first jump out of the shower covered with soap, call my husband, and frantically ask him what to do now!

While I stood there with my eyes closed having this inner discussion, I imagined myself walking down my hallway towards the closet where I knew the water heater was. I mean, that seemed like common sense right? 

Then I saw my hand open the door to the closet. I look through that little opening down there at the bottom. (See picture below) 

Instinctively, I was looking for a blue flame. However, as I peered inside the little door I only saw empty black space. So I looked above that little door and saw a little red button that said “reignite” on it. 

So naturally I decided to press that little red button. As I did I looked back inside that small opening and lo and behold, the blue flame lit up!

I immediately knew that was why the water was running cold all of a sudden. It was such an aha moment! And you know what? It made me realize something powerful! 

When I was standing under that flow of warm comforting water, I felt covered and loved. When that water turned cold, it shocked me. If it had been happening in real time, I would have run away to get out from underneath it. Friend, each female is like a water heater. We all have built within us, this burning flame. This flame produces a warm comforting flow of water, the water of actual life. But somewhere along the way in our lives, someone or something blows that flame out. Then we begin producing cold water instead of a natural flow of warm and life-giving water. 

I want to help you discover how to press that button in your life so the flame in you can reignite. When that happens you will produce a warmth and comfort. You will produce a love that will heal you first and then overflow into every bit of your surroundings. We spend most of our lives trying to produce that warmth because at our core we know we are amazing women. But when life blows that flame out in us, it feels nearly impossible. It's exhausting at the very least. 

My mission is and hope is to teach you how to reignite that flame within you. The rest will happen naturally. There is an abundant peace, joy, and love that is waiting for you on the other side of the internal flame burning! 

After that moment of great processing in the shower, I immediately felt I needed to find a way to reignite that flame inside of me. Over the next 5 years I dug deep to first find myself, and then began healing from years of so much dysfunction and trauma. Throughout this wonderful journey I discovered what I call The Freedom Formula! And now? I get to share it with you! 

I will use every outlet and medium to show you the simple steps and tools to begin reigniting your flame. Why? I want you to walk effortlessly enjoying that warm, comforting, and loving flow of water over your life and those you love. It is not too late. You can start now! 

Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be sharing tips, tools, and practical ways you can reignite your flame. I'll be hosting private groups online, in-person retreats, and specialized coaching as we dig deeper and reignite together! 

Pass this email on to anyone you believe it might encourage or challenge them to reignite! I can’t wait to meet you soon! 

Strong Burning Flame, 

Carla Shellis

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