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Daily Schedule 


Wake Up

  • Wake up at 7 am (I prefer 5 am) 

  • Before getting out of bed: 

    • Smile as big as you can! While you are smiling think of all the things you are grateful for. 

    • Say in your spirit or out loud: 

      • Thank you Jesus for my bed! Thank you Jesus for my sheets. Thank you that I have legs to stand, arms to use, and/or eyes to see. Thank you that I have electricity to enjoy. Thank you that I am able to breathe. Thank you that my heart is beating.

      • While you are speaking your gratitude out loud smile as big as you can & laugh out loud. This may seem odd at first but trust me it is working inside your body and your energy field. 

  • While you are walking to the toilet first thing in the morning, walk with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Thank God on the way there for the organs of your body being in perfect working condition. 

  • Brush your teeth next and while you are brushing look at yourself and tell yourself in your spirit how much you love yourself and how beautiful you are! 

  • Add music to this routine. Worship is the best! Learn the words to the songs and sing them out loud. 

  • While you are getting ready to go get your coffee or any morning drink, stop and lift your hands in the air and give huge praise to Jesus. You are activating angels to come and carry you while you worship. 


Quiet Time


  • Find a quiet place to start your prayer and mediation. (see links below for references) 

  • Spend 10-15 minutes in a guided mediation designed to help heal your brain and mind. 

  • Spend 10 minutes in a spirit-filled mediation (see references below) 

  • After this spiritual mediation starts your prayer. (see my resource for learning to pray on my amazon storefront link)

  • Read your daily devotion as a reference to be encouraged by God’s Word.

  • Read the Bible. Try to read 1-2 chapters per day. (see my amazon store link below for my recommended bible) 


Daily Declarations 

  • Review and recite your daily declarations. (see reference in my amazon store for Commanding your morning, Cindy Trimm)

  • While saying your daily declarations smile and elevate your emotions. Get excited!! Get up and skip around dance, shake your booty, walk around with intention. 

  • Look at your pictures of dreams and goals. Speak to those goals and thank God that your visions, dreams, and goals are on their way to you now. Celebrate your dreams, they are coming. 

Feed Your Mind


  • Listen to one podcast anytime during the day of motivation and encouragement (see my recommendations)

  • Set your timer for 20 minutes and read a book that increases your thinking and partners with your dreams and goals. 

  • Don’t spend more than 1 minute inside a toxic conversation. Physically move away. If this affects you emotionally, recite truth over yourself and forgive the person who has brought you down. 

  • When your fear rises upon you and the past is revisiting you, 

    • close your eyes

    • Take a deep breath in counting to 10 while inhaling. 

    • Hold the breath for 5 seconds

    • Exhale for 10 seconds

    • Repeat 3 times

    • While breathing, smile 

    • Recite 10 things you are grateful

    • Tell yourself how excited you are about the future. 


Night Time Routine


  • Plan to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep

  • Avoid watching high adrenaline type shows, movies, etc. (crime, horror, porn, war, high drama, etc) If you watch TV before you go to bed, be intentional to watch something that makes you laugh, increases your thinking, and inspires you. 

  • Recite your declarations 

  • Find a quiet lamp-lit place for evening/sleep mediation

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to hold you in to your sleep

    • Holy Spirit, come. Holy Spirit, come rest in this place. Holy Spirit, come and bring me your peace. Repeat until you fall asleep. 


Resource List:


Go to my amazon storefront to grab the books I am recommending.

My Recommendations List



Terri Savelle Foy (goals, dream building, etc)

Toni Robbins (motivation, depression, fear, success)

Bill Johnson (Bible teaching)

Robert Morris The Blessed Life

Zig Ziggler

Dr. Caroline Leaf


Youtube: Dr. Joe Dispenza Guided Meditation

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